INSPIRED BY Brooke Danielson - At Home in Aspen

INSPIRED BY Brooke Danielson - At Home in Aspen
Brooke in the Redwood Forest, Big Sur, CA, Summer 2019

Welcome to our Inspired By series where we interview editors, ambassadors and long-time friends of SteamLine, people whom I have particularly enjoyed the company of over the years and/or have been inspired by in many forms! 

We are so honored to be kicking this off with Brooke Danielson, a former Accessories Editor at Vogue who I caught up with at our PR events and desksides in NYC over the years. I always LOVED seeing Brooke—she was a breath of fresh air, the real deal. Her natural beauty was always accompanied by warmth and her enthusiasm for SteamLine was genuine and unforgettable. I am delighted to be in touch with Brooke again and seeing her excel in her new life in Aspen. 

With further ado, meet Brooke!




SteamLine Founder, Sara Banks 

Hiking up Smuggler in Aspen, CO on Earth Day 2020
Hiking up Smuggler in Aspen, CO on Earth Day 2020

Who is Brooke Danielson? 

As a seasoned Fashion Editor, stylist, social media strategist and on-air personality, Brooke has held editorial positions at Shape, Glamour, and, as well as contributed to She currently resides in Aspen and has a passion for health and wellness. She is certified in plant-based nutrition through the T. Colin Campbell Center of Nutrition Studies via Cornell University. She began running several years ago and is now hooked on the sport. She has run the New York City, London, Chicago, Boston and Sacramento Marathons, and an ultra-marathon—completing 50 kilometers in the North Face endurance series.

The Basics

Instagram: @brookeely

Brooke's Town: Aspen, Colorado 

Population: 7.3K people

Climate: High elevation (7,908) with cool climate with four seasons. High temperature of 79 degrees in summer months.

Our Q&A with Brooke

What made you choose Aspen? I grew up skiing in Snowmass. I returned to Aspen for a half-marathon in 2017, when I took up trail running more seriously. I then began spending time in Aspen about once a month for the next two years before making the decision to go part-time NYC/ASE December 2019. It became permanent a few months later and I said goodbye to NYC after 16 years. 

Where did you live prior? Manhattan.

Who (if anyone) is on your quaranteam? I have a great crew, but my co-pilot during this time is my friend Meredith Diers. I have also spent a fair amount of time with one of my favorite couples, Taylor and Natalie Chalmers. We have had some fun adventures together and even had a tie-dye night. 

Are you missing any loved ones? I'm fortunate enough to have been with people, and people I really care about. I do miss many of my friends and my family but all in all I'm happy to have navigated this with a solid, small, group.

How have you made your new digs feel homey fast? Fresh flowers, candles and photos of friends and family. Also, making my bed as comfy and cozy as possible. I'm big on interior design and making a home feel very homey. Twice a week I buy fresh flowers--they make me happy.

What have you been doing to keep busy? I have been working quite a bit with Aspen Peak Magazine and 02 LIFE, but beyond work I am a runner. I like to road and trail run at least 6 days a week. I hike a few days a week with ankle weights and good music. Cooking is HUGE in my household. Meredith and I like to choose a different country every week and cook dishes from the chosen country. It has been a great way to learn new recipes and discover new and fun facts about the region we selected. I am plant-based vegan so there is some modifying, most certainly.

Hiking near the Valley Rock Inn August 2019, six miles to this beautiful reservoir
Hiking near the Valley Rock Inn August 2019, six miles to this beautiful reservoir 

The 411

Brooke’s favorite places in ASPEN to: 

Eat: Jour de Fete

Drink: Bear Den 

Read/Write/Contemplate: The Little Nell living room

Walk/Run/Bike: Smuggler and/or Rio Grande

Shop: O2 Aspen and the Farmers Market 

Best kept secret: Not so much a secret but for anyone out there that hasn't tried skinning I suggest you do when ski season rolls around. It is the BEST workout.

Stay away from: Bears!

Place not yet open you can't wait for: Joonas tapas bar

What has surprised you most about Aspen? How extreme the level of athleticism is here. Everyone is turbo.

Looking Ahead:

Are you returning to New York? No.

What remains on your bucket list for this unique time? Successfully hiking a fourteener.

Where will you travel first when possible? Greece! Then Thailand/Cambodia and Laos.

How do you currently feel this time will most alter the next chapter of your life? It has certainly accelerated my hope for a more simple and meaningful life. I hope that it will help me remain present and appreciative in the moment.

Met Gala, 2016 Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology
Met Gala, 2016 Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology


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