INSPIRED BY MaryKate Boylan - At Home in Brooklyn

INSPIRED BY MaryKate Boylan - At Home in Brooklyn

Our Conversation with MaryKate Boylan 

MaryKate Boylan is the Senior Fashion Editor for Town & Country Magazine, and a long-time friend of SteamLine. MaryKate shared some insights with us on her favorite spots around Greenpoint, Brooklyn, how quarantine treated her, and the role her SteamLine Spinner played in it all! 

NAME OF TOWN Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Population: about 162,381 (in 2018) 

The Basics:

What made you choose where you are quarantining?

My boyfriend lives here.

Where did you live prior?

Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn

Who (if anyone) is on your quaranteam?

My boyfriend Zack and his cat, Peter.

How have you made your new digs feel homey fast?

I always would spend a lot of time here previously, so it’s a place I am used to and feel very comfortable in. But I did bring over my big SteamLine case filled with as much of my clothes and other personal things that I could fit!

MaryKate Boylan with her SteamLine Luggage Starlet Spinner

MaryKate was prepared for quarantine with her SteamLine Luggage Starlet Spinner

What have you been doing to keep busy? Work? Exercise? Cooking?

All of it! Work has actually been quite busy so it fills my day as it always has and I’m grateful to still be employed through all of this. I always start my mornings with exercise—I need my workouts to keep me sane and feeling good! I like to change it up with yoga, pilates, Melissa Wood, The Class by Taryn Toomey, and Equinox workouts on the Variis app. It’s also fun to do workouts over Zoom with friends. One thing I love doing during this time that I never had time for previously is cooking. I love food, trying new recipes and coming up with my own creations.

The 411:

Favorite places in Greenpoint to: 

Eat: Di An Di.

Drink: The cocktails that Zack makes me are the best! They’re always so beautiful and have the perfect garnish.

Read/Write/Contemplate: Anywhere on the water, there are amazing views of the city.

Walk/Run/Bike: I love going up and down Franklin Street by bike or on foot– there’s lot of great shops and restaurants.

Brooklyn, New York - Photo by MaryKate Boylan

Shop: Brother Vellies.

Best kept secret: It’s technically north Williamsburg, but there is a beachy part of Bushwick Inlet park that is very unique for a city waterfront.

Stay away from: I’ll have to get back to you on that…

Place not yet open you can't wait for: Rule of Thirds – It’s a new Japanese restaurant that opened right before quarantine. We had a reservation to go in April but then of course everything shut down. I’m looking forward to eating there eventually!

Rule of Thirds Restaurant in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Rule of Thirds Restaurant in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

What has surprised you most about Greenpoint?: It may be north, but it’s actually not as far away from everything as I thought it was. It’s easy to bike to other neighborhoods or hop on the ferry for a super quick and scenic commute to the city.

Looking Ahead:

Are you returning to New York/home? 

I actually decided to move in with my boyfriend, so I will be moving out of my Bed-Stuy apartment. I’m sad to leave it and the neighborhood, but excited to start a new chapter of life!

MaryKate Boylan

What remains on your bucket list for this unique time?

I still haven’t baked bread…

Where will you travel first when possible?

I would love to finally go to Greece.

How do you currently feel this time will most alter the next chapter of your life?  

This time has made me slow down a bit which is a really good thing. Living in New York and having the type of job that I do, it’s sometimes hard to take a step back and take time for yourself and the things you really want to do.  I hope it’s something I take with me whenever we return to “normal.”



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