SteamLine at Home: Decorative Storage Solutions that Embrace the Atmosphere of Travel in the Home

SteamLine at Home: Decorative Storage Solutions that Embrace the Atmosphere of Travel in the Home
SteamLine Luggage is put to beautiful use between adventures. Our Cream Diplomat and Pink Correspondent organize and decorate the home of @jenniferlake.

Bringing SteamLine’s Adventurous Elegance to the Home

Just because your trip has ended doesn’t mean your SteamLine case needs to go into storage. Not only do our cases turn heads on the road but they also serve as beautiful home accessories and easy, decorative storage solutions. 

After all, it seems a shame to let the beauty of your beloved suitcase or hatbox languish in the back of the closet for most of the year. Allow your favorite case to stretch its legs in your daily life, as well as in your travels. Employ them for both home organization and home accessories when the time for adventure has passed. They’ll be multifunctional, serving as conversation pieces, vintage home décor, and mobile storage all at once. 

SteamLine Cases as Conversation Pieces, Functional Art, and Decorative Storage Solutions

When you travel with your SteamLine case, do you find it to be an endless conversation starter? Just as when you’re passing through a crowded airport, guests to your home will certainly ask about the beautiful suitcase on display. As conversation pieces, our cases stand out as vintage home décor and unique home ornaments. Set the stage to reminisce about shared travels or describe your latest adventure with friends over drinks and your favorite meal.

The best part, though: while the case will add a certain elegance to your living space, these objets d’art can also act as hidden storage for things like books, linens, or seasonal clothes.

Our Sweetheart Stowaway helps organize the closet of @anniefairfax.
Our Sweetheart Stowaway helps organize the closet of @anniefairfax.

Whether you’re in a small apartment with limited storage space or a more spacious home with plenty of closets, home organization can be troublesome. Embrace SteamLine as home organization helpers and decorate while you declutter.

And when you have these cases, they become part of your room, improving your home and travels alike. A SteamLine will decorate your space, open or closed, wherever you station it, becoming a portable chest you'll be glad to keep center stage.

Hidden, Portable Storage for Small Spaces Between Trips

SteamLine cases feature incomparable authenticity with form and function. 

Home design can be as simple or complex as you want. If you’re looking to make a modern room feel more vintage or retro, accent pieces are an easy way to achieve this goal. Functional, well-built pieces are best, particularly when space is an issue. 

Decorative storage suitcase trunks are great examples of just such accent pieces. These trunks have always been popular interior design features, bringing a sense of old-world style to our modern world, adding dimension and character to the house and home.

However, many of the options available for purchase in home-design stores are flimsy shades of the real thing.

SteamLine’s luggage, on the other hand, are functional art featuring incomparable authenticity. Our cases are durable, beautiful, and intricately designed. Allow them to carry the home organization workload for you.

Our Sweetheart Carryon tidies up the playroom of @celestecclark's own little sweetheart.
Our Sweetheart Carryon tidies up the playroom of @celestecclark's own little sweetheart.

Ways to Use SteamLine Luggage as Decorative Storage for the Home

What can you store in your SteamLine case? Well, the options are endless. Think about your home and consider what has never quite found its place. Whether there are just a few things or a drawer of misfit items, every home has some pieces that defy organization but still spark joy. Double down on the pleasure provided by your favorite things when you tidy them up in storage so pretty it triggers its own joy. All these things could find their home in your SteamLine luggage, allowing them to be within reach but not within sight.

Sightly Storage Inspiration 

  • Out-of-season clothes and accessories
  • Kids’ keepsakes and crafts from last year
  • A pile of beloved books that don’t quite fit on the shelf
  • Holiday decorations or gifts you need to keep hidden
  • Board games, card decks, and other games
  • Kids toys, stuffed animals, and clothes they’ve not grown into just yet
  • Craft supplies and ongoing creative projects

SteamLine's Home Edit

Check out some of our favorite ways to feature your SteamLine case in the home.

Clockwise from top left, @damselindior, @kateymcfarlan, @mfrancisdesign, and @anniefairfax show us how they stow in style with their #SteamLineAtHome.
Clockwise from top left, @damselindior, @kateymcfarlan, @mfrancisdesign, and @anniefairfax show us how they stow in style with their #SteamLineAtHome.

Looking for more ways to incorporate your SteamLine case into the home? Visit our Pinterest board for more decorative storage inspiration.

Tag @steamlineluggage and #SteamLineatHome on Instagram to Show How You Stow!  

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