Meet The Mini: SteamLine Luggage’s Crossbody Purse & Accessory Case

Meet The Mini: SteamLine Luggage’s Crossbody Purse & Accessory Case
Our first and only purse-sized case, the best-selling Mini is currently available in eighteen irresistible designs.

"After so many customers requested a SteamLine for every day, I created The Mini, a handbag that brings our signature look and feel to daily life. Our "SteamLine Effect," all the compliments and conversations sparked by our cases, is now something to be enjoyed on all adventures near and far from home.

SteamLine Founder, Sara Banks

Our First-Ever Accessory Case for Daily Carry

In the fall of 2019 SteamLine launched the Mini, our first-ever accessory case designed for daily adventuresWith the Mini, daily comings and goings are elevated by the SteamLine look and feel through our beautifully designed mini purse. Newly expanded by our four Editor colorways, the Minis is now available in no fewer than eighteen irresistible designs that can be worn three ways: carried crossbody for hands-free convenience, slipped over the shoulder, or toted stylishly in hand. 

Preciously petite, the Mini luggage bag offers the old-world elegance you love from SteamLine, with the ease and accessibility you need in a daily handbag as well as the added protective benefits of a hardbody, lockable case.

With a broad swath of colors that coordinate with our SteamLine Collections, there is a Mini for every aesthetic: from fun and floral to elegant and discreet. This adorable case weighs a mere 1.5 lbs, making this small crossbody purse both lightweight and flexible for whatever your day has in store.

The Durability Difference

Whether you have suffered squeezed sanitizer or squashed sunglasses, you know that soft-sided purses can be a liability. The Mini's hard sides (and soft soul!) are not only emblematic of SteamLine style, they offer the added benefit of protecting vulnerable contents from collateral damage. Additionally, like our cases, the Mini is durably made to withstand your rainy days and eventful nights.

And just as with our larger handbags and rolling cases, be prepared to be impressed with the Mini’s durability. While we don’t recommend running it through the gauntlet intentionally, take comfort in the fact that you won’t have to baby this mini luggage bag. The SteamLine Mini is meant to be used!

For small scuffs, know you can clean them away with a damp cloth. If a stain is particularly stubborn, simply use some mild soap or detergent with the warm cloth treatment. Watermarks should not stain your Mini’s beautiful case color.

iddavanmunster - Aida Đapo Muharemović with the SteamLine Cream Mini

Aida Dapo carries the Cream Diplomat Mini, and certainly turns heads on her way.

How to Style the Mini

Whether you seek to dress up the Mini for night or use it to dress up your day, this hybrid three-way purse is ready for any ride. 

Wear it crossbody with the adjustable strap at its longest, or as a shoulder bag with a shortened strap. Alternatively, remove the strap entirely for an adorable clutch bag look.

The SteamLine Mini looks just as natural with jeans and a T-shirt as it does with a cocktail dress for a night out. It is such a joy to see the Mini out and about on daily adventures, whether at a coffee shop or brewery, a farmers' market or family event.

Beautifully Lined

Each Mini is artfully lined with the original SteamLine Print that corresponds with its collection. From our new Editor Minis lined with hand-illustrated artwork by Louis Barthélemy or the multiple Minis boasting work by design team of Meryl Pardoen and Eoin Dillon, each Mini is a joy to open and display.


A Well-Packed Mini

With its hard sides and combination lock, the Mini is an ideal jewelry box, which is one way we recommend using it on your travels. For daily carry, the structured case is large enough to hold most small to medium wallets, a pair of (sun)glasses, a few touch-up beauty items, a snack bar and gum, and a small journal or book. We recommend the Everyman's Library Pocket Poets series and Moleskin's colorful Cahier Journals in size small. It also offers an elasticized interior pocket for any items that need a bit more security. 

Monica Francis - SteamLine Luggage Mini Starlet

Monica Francis travelled to Kenya with her SteamLine Mini. Read her thoughts on her SteamLine Luggage Starlet case collection here.

More Minis To Love

For Summer 2021, SteamLine has greatly increased its Mini range, starting with numerous new Minis added to our Collections. The Editor alone includes new leather-and-linen Minis that are summer's definitive handbag.

A Bag for All Seasons: The Alchemist Mini

Multi-metallic, gorgeous, and made with vegan leather, the Alchemist Mini offers a reflective gold and blush color palette with our exquisite blue motif Art Deco lining. Perfectly glamorous, this mini crossbody bag is sure to turn heads and cause the SteamLine Effect

Meet The Mini SteamLine Luggage’s Crossbody Purse & Accessory Case - Alchemist Mini
The Architect Mini

Available in two colorways, the Architect Mini is all new this season, the epitome of style moderne. Offered in both cream and navy, this Mini features gold hardware and the wine and cream Art Deco lining we all know and love from the Architect Collection. Long story short, the Architect Mini would be quite at home at a roaring party or intimate dinner out. 

The Architect Minis from SteamLine Luggage

The Soprano Mini

With pitch-black leather and gold accents, the Soprano Mini is one of our newest additions to the Mini purse Collection. With a third rendition of our beautiful Art-Deco inspired lining, this vintage-inspired bag will add a flash of style to your daily carry. Wear it as a crossbody, shoulder bag, or simply as a clutch, and this Mini will keep you singing all day.  

The Soprano Mini from SteamLine Luggage


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