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Luciana Terroni is ready to connect, explore, and socialise with her Sweetheart Carryon.

Things to Expect with Your SteamLine Luggage: Compliments from Strangers

When an InStyle writer once said about SteamLine, “I’ve never received so many compliments from strangers about an accessory than I did while carrying SteamLine Luggage,” we were delighted. But less about the “compliment” than the “stranger” part—the fact that travelers would be compelled by beauty to breach the fourth wall and form new human connections, however lasting or brief, that might flavor the course of their journey.

That’s what really makes us tick, the positive, connective effect that brings people together, whether through a passing compliment or a chance conversation that means so much more.

When someone carrying a SteamLine case interacts with a fellow traveler in a way they would have otherwise missed, we are validated in our greatest belief: that travel makes the world go round.

Photo by Lucy Rose Laucht featuring the Navy Anthropologist Stowaway and Vanity.

Making Contacts while Making Connections

The stories we hear are endless—from new friends and business contacts, to travel tips shared between visitors and locals, to charming exchanges en passant that make the journey more positive and alive. 

“What an unusual case!” 

“That color is stunning!”

“Where did you find such a unique suitcase?”

Of all the stories we hear, do you know which is our favorite? When contact information is traded for a potential date. We are more than happy to be your next pick-up line.

The SteamLine Effect, photo by Princess Bermuda
Photo by Princess Bermuda, featuring the Navy Anthropologist and the Botanist Carryon in Pink.

Our Worldview: Travel Slow and with Intention

All these moments get at the heart of why SteamLine really exists: to encourage people to travel oftener, slower, further, and more beautifully. 

We want you to be snapped out of your tunnel vision, whether it’s a stranger asking where you got your luggage or any of travel’s endless opportunities for surprise. 

We want you to slow down and at least notice the roses. 

We want you to make eye contact, to chat freely, to break the fourth wall. 

This is our worldview.

The SteamLine Effect Travels Beautifully

We call these senses-heightening compliments and queries the SteamLine Effect. They may interrupt you, they may slow you down, but they remind you that you are going somewhere for a reason, that time should be well-felt, that there is life all around you. Even in line. Especially in line.

Get ready to make your next connection.

Photo by Lucy Rose Laucht with our Cream Diplomat Carryon in Capri.


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